Photo Services

We offer a range of services in addition to purchasing any images you like (just contact us).

We are available for specific photo shoots in London / South East / South Coast (other areas available upon request) for:

  • Sports events / matches (i am Club Photographer for my local non league football club)
  • Sports courses / training
  • Golf Courses
  • Venues and Events (not weddings)
  • Businesses (photography of / for products, works, offices, promotional material)
  • Specific requests for topic areas for reports or interest (e.g. Ports, Marinas, Coastal Erosion)

If you are interested or have any questions, just contact us.


These will depend upon your exact requirements, and can be:

  • all in fixed price – you specify what you require and you are provided with all the photographs taken (ownership and copyright can be discussed);
  • basic payment for provision of photographic services and some photograph provision included but most shots available for interested parties to purchase directly; or
  • purchase the photographs you want from those taken and the rights to use those photographs.