Photo – About Me

I am a photographer based in Sussex (UK) who enjoys photographing a wide range to topics including. 

  • Aircraft
  • Architecture
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Landscape
  • Macro and Abstract
  • Panorama
  • Sport and Action
  • Sun and Sky
  • Water

My enjoyment of photography started many years ago taking photographs of landscapes and any action going on at Brand Hatch motor racing circuit, or the annual Biggin Hill Airshow, both near where i grew up. I would love taking these photos and the excitement of waiting to get them developed to see what had been captured on film. Then using our home darkroom (after a quick temporary conversion of the bathroom) with my Dad and older brother to see the images appearing on the paper as we developed our own black & whites WHICH seemed like magic at the time. 

Of course a lot of things have changed and everything is more instant now, but the magic is still there when you pull up a picture in a photo-editing package and noticing a detail you didn’t know was there – like finding a single diver amongst people on rocks and in the water is upside down when they jumped in.

My favourite areas of photography haven’t actually changed all that much, with sports, aircraft and landscapes still being a big focus. I was always fascinated by shapes, textures and perspective and the works of M.C. Escher